Building a Schluter Kerdi shower with a mortar pan

June 27th, 2011 by bryanco

Here we are building a custom shower using the Schluter Kerdi shower and drain system. We used drywall for the walls and positioned the tapered edges of the drywall at the very bottom so that the built-up layers of Kerdi membrane didn’t bulge out the first row of tiles.

First we frame the shower and lay down a sheet of 4-mil plastic on the floor.

Next we position the Schluter drain where we want it and lay down galvanized mesh.

Here we are preparing the mortar (sand) mix. We use an additive to strengthen the mix.

The mortar pan is complete. We sloped it toward the drain from all directions.

Next we installed drywall and applied Kerdi membrane to the walls using unmodified thinset.

Here the walls are complete. We just need to install the Kerdi membrane to the mortar pan and the curb.

Add a bit of tile and voila -- a perfect shower.

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